Atlanta based Statement By Sound resources have a natural love for music and the skills to perform a wide range of services. Along with recording and mixing capablities, team leader laraina_c is a practicing woodwindist and vocalist.  Experience in both audio technology and music theory makes Statement By Sound the choice for your audio needs.

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  • All Of This And More4:03
  • Shed Light4:22
  • Oblivion5:07
  • It's Like That4:10
  • Change The Life4:18

who we are

​​​​​​Member of The Recording Academy (NARAS), NARIP and the Audio Engineering Society.

Audio Services
Statement By Sound 

1.  All Of This And More - Stranger From The East

2.  Shed Light - laraina_c, featuring Stacey 'Quick' Ellis

3.  Oblivion - Benjamin Fellows.  Ben is the lead singer            and songwriter for the group The Lacuna                            Brotherhood. See and hear more at                                        lacunabrotherhood.com

4.  It's Like That - laraina_c

5.  Change The Life - laraina_c