Audio Services

what we offer

Statement By Sound 
Accurate recording is a great start to any project.  SBS has a wide range of microphones to capture the best sound and can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously.  Recordings can be completed either at our location or at a location of your choice. Resulting tracks can be immediately delivered by SD card or by Dropbox.

A good mix will take a group of well recorded tracks to the next level.  By incorporating the latest technology, a state of the art Digital Audio Workstation and the hottest effect plug-ins, your project’s statement will come across loud and clear! We can process an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks.

Background Vocals:
Need an extra voice to complete your project?  SBS can record either single or harmonic support vocals.

Session Drum Tracking:
If the missing piece to your successful recording is a creative drum composition, we can help. While there are many drum loops available for free, we offer specialized tracking with live drums, with your designs and visions in mind.

Film Scoring:
Your short film or documentary will make an even bigger statement with a musical score that flows specifically with the visual action.    

Disclaimer:  Availability of any service may vary by client and by location.